About Linki Tools UG

Linki Tools is a toolchain development and consultancy house formally founded on the 29th of July, 2015 by Paulo Matos. It is based in the Nuernberg area, Germany.

We work on small and large projects related to toolchain development and consultancy: backend porting, bug fixing, compiler optimisations, documentation and testing and verification of all toolchain components, as well as custom solutions related to all the parts of the toolchain.

Our Mission

We support, develop, customise, optimise and extend development toolchains while ensuring high reliability and code quality through extensive customer interaction.

Our Vision

We envisage a world where development toolchains are reliable, well-tested and user friendly. Toolchains become transparent software layers which the developer doesn’t have to worry about focusing solely on the application and end-user goals.

Our Team

Paulo Matos - Founder and Toolchain Engineer

Paulo Matos is the founder of Linki Tools. Paulo is an expert in Development Toolchain Engineering, and Verification and Validation of toolchains. He is an open source contributor for a wide range of projects, GCC maintainer and LLVM developer. — by profession he wants to bring high quality consultancy, custom development and products to his customers enabling them to deliver reliable, high quality development toolchains.

Jennifer Sorge - Admin Suppport

Jennifer Sorge is a project manager and Salesforce system administrator working with Linki Tools providing administrative support.