Paulo Matos



I am Paulo Matos, a freelance development tools consultant. I specialize in Compilers. I have been known to do work on Continuous Integration (CI) and Racket.

In the past I have worked full-time for CSR and Broadcom as a Compiler Engineer in the UK before starting Linki Tools UG in Germany in 2015. As of 2019 the legal entity ‘Linki Tools UG’ is in liquidation and I trade as a freelance consultant under the name /Paulo Matos - Linki Tools/. If you are interested in my services feel free to reach out through Twitter or email.


As part of the work for previous employers and clients I have worked full-time on GCC and LLVM. Unfortunately, for contractual reasons, very little of my work is upstream.

I am presently working on JavaScriptCore (the JavaScript JIT Compiler in WebKit) with Igalia. I am also a Racket contributor, I ran the Racket CI pipelines in GitLab and publish Racket News.

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