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Racket Money ML S10 Superoptimizer

CReduce - it’s a kind of magic!

During my tenure as a C compiler developer working on GCC and LLVM there was an indispensable tool when it came to fixing bugs and that was C-Reduce, or its precursor delta. Turns out this magic applies well to JavaScript, so lets take a quick glance at what it is and how to use it.

Cross-Arch Reproducibility using Containers

I present the use of containers for cross architecture reproducibility using docker and podman, which I then go on to apply to JSC. If you are trying to understand how to create cross-arch reproducible environments for your software, this might help you!

A Brief Look at the WebKit Workflow

As I learn about the workflow for contributing to JSC (the JavaScript Compiler) in WebKit, I took a few notes as I went along. However, I decided to write them as a post in the hope that they are useful for you as well. If you use git, a Unix based system, and want to start contributing to WebKit, keep on reading.

S10 Overview

What is superoptimization? What is S10? Here’s an overview.

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